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GDPR gems and good advice for marketers

My GDPR journey

When I first began my professional GDPR journey in 2014, I was working as an in-house B2B marketer. At that time, I began researching the draft legislation and was trying to figure out how it might later impact my everyday work in the marketing department. Of course, I was also doing it so I could advise the senior management team on what the expected changing legal responsibilities would be. Furthermore, it occurred to me that a data breach and any negative attention from it could undo months and years of hard work I’d put in to build the company’s brand and reputation. It was then that I suddenly felt a greater weight of responsibility and duty of care for the personal data I was tasked with handling.

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When Change Becomes a Problem

TSB have had a disaster to deal with. Lots of press coverage and all for the wrong reasons. A major IT change that resulted in days of customer chaos. Disruption that lasted for over a week.

IT infrastructures are increasingly complicated, particularly in the large Banks, but I think it is irresponsible of people to say they are held together with sticking plaster. However, the complexity does mean that implementing change requires strong discipline and management.

Here are some points to consider.

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