Month: March 2020

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Clio Online Webinar Series – Remote Working

Unfortunately this years LegalEx event was postponed due to Corvid-19. As you may have heard, Peter Wright, the managing director of Digital Law and consultant for Anson Evaluate, was due to speak at the event alongside many other valued speakers.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to miss out completely. Not only has the event been rescheduled, but our friends over at Clio set up a mini webinar series that took part over 2 days last week. On the 2nd day of the series Peter Wright participated in a webinar focused around remote working alongside Joe Walsh, a remote working specialist from LogMeIn.

Don’t worry you if you didn’t manage to watch it live, you can view a recorded version of the webinar here:

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Business as Usual

From Monday 16 March Anson Evaluate, having taken account of UK Government advice and to protect our staff and our clients we are  allowing staff to self isolate and work from home where appropriate. Our IT and communications systems allow for our normal services to be provided to our clients in full from any secure location and we have allowed staff to work from home for a period previously, most recently due to localised flooding making travel difficult for staff in autumn 2019 – we have been here before.

We are open for business and will be continuing to provide a full service to our clients via secure means including email, phone and video conferencing.  Appointments for calls will continue to be booked via the usual address  We will not be providing in-person meetings for at least the next 4 weeks and will keep this under review.

If your business needs help with online Training for secure remote working and communications, we are open for business.  If your organisation needs to assess suppliers or standards for regulatory compliance when it comes to working on the move or at home, we are available and ready to help.