Data Protection Officer Service


Data Protection Officer Service

by Laura Spencer

by Laura Spencer

Under the European General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), for some organisations it is a mandatory requirement to have a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”), whether this is in-house or outsourced. However, mandatory or not, a DPO can still be beneficial to all firms who need guidance and support to ensure compliance with GDPR.

Most organisations are hesitant when it comes to hiring a DPO because of the price tag that is associated. However, we can provide the same services at a more competitive rate than hiring a full time in-house DPO, where the annual salary in the UK is averaging above £60K per year.

Anson Evaluate now offers DPO services specifically tailored to your business. We are able to provide you with the support you need at a fraction of the price of an in-house DPO. The scale of data protection varies depending on the size of your organisation, the number/location of offices, as well as the type/volume of data controlled or processed. Our DPO services are provided on an annual subscription basis, with the option of monthly payments to make it more affordable.

We offer a variety of packages which can be tailored to the level of support and guidance you require. Our packages start from £3,000 +VAT per year, increasing in price with the level of support required. Our minimal package includes support during business hours, the reviewing of data protection policies and general guidance on how to address different data protection issues.

Our more comprehensive packages include annual assessments, the review/drafting of data protection compliance documents and data protection training for members of staff. This higher level of support is ideal for companies that need the services that are traditionally carried out by a full time, in-house DPO. The only difference between us and an in-house DPO is the lower price.


To receive a bespoke quote for your company please contact us on the number or email address below to book an appointment with a member of our team to determine the level of service that best suits your needs.


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